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The Top 10 ROCKS Lists of the Internet!

Let’s face it – the internet is huge and growing every day.  What we do is find some of the best things about it and display in categories for you.

In some cases we may even convert the Top 10 of a particular topic to a NFT to immortalize for that season, or year.

Go take a look at what we have discovered and see if it matches up to your expectations of the Top 10 – that Rocks on the Internet!



Ben Davis


Director of Human Research  – only a Dog and maybe some Cats can truly accept and appreciate the wondering mind of a computer nerd.

Who We Are

A bunch of computer nerds that have grown in the digital world, while not of the real world.

Our natural curiosity, desire for knowledge can often lead us down some unique rabbit holes of discovery, wonder, and amazement.

Let us be your guide to wonders of the digital world. We are committed to providing the absolute best in content, advice, and discovery of the digital world for you.  

The Top 10 that Rocks on the Internet is part of what we have discovered for you.



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